How to Make Compost Tea

The reason behind compost tea is that we want to grow nutritious vegetables and fruit that are filled with necessary trace minerals.

Homemade Compost Tea

These web pages are about how to make compost tea.

Compost tea contains rich organic matter, enzymes, and a vast array of beneficial microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, protozoa and beneficial nematodes.

These microorganisms help to bring healing to the soil.

For those of you working with less than perfect soil, this is for you.

Recipes for Compost Tea
If you like, you can keep your tea simple, though still rich in microbials, by using only compost, water and molasses.

However, there are numerous things that may be added to your tea that will make it even more nutritious and beneficial, and even micronutrient choices which can help turn it into a superfood for plants, which in turn helps to make your vegetables superfoods for you.

Plus, check out these 3 additional compost tea recipes.

How to make compost tea, purging chlorine

How to Brew Compost Tea

Now let's talk about to how to make compost tea. It is really quite simple, and it doesn't cost much to set up your own homemade brewer. You need a container to brew the tea in, an air source to keep the tea from going anaerobic, and a food source for the microbes. Temperatures need to be above 70 degrees. You brew for 2 to 3 days, then apply.

Ways to Apply Compost Tea

Applying compost tea with a watering can

There are a number of things to look at when applying your compost tea.

  1. Preparing to apply your tea
  2. How much is too much?
  3. Best time of day to apply
  4. Diluting your tea
  5. Application methods
  6. Apply compost tea each week?
  7. Can compost tea be stored?

How Manure Tea is Different from Compost Tea

Fresh cow pie, how to make compost tea

Manure tea is a form of compost tea. However, how to make compost tea from compost is quite different than how to make manure tea, and application guidelines are also different. Manure tea doesn’t focus on multiplying microorganisms, it focuses on nutrients. The goal of brewing manure tea is to pull nutrients out of the manure into the tea. Once these nutrients are in liquid form, they are instantly available to the plant.

Chicken Manure Tea

Chicken manure works well for manure tea, as long as it is well aged.

Chicken manure tea is a great source of nitrogen and other nutrients. Because of the high nitrogen level, care must be taken not to burn the plants. The beneficial bacteria in chicken tea are an extra bonus. The recipe is 1 part chicken manure and to 4 parts water. Other ingredients may also be added to enhance it.

Rabbit Manure Tea

Rabbit manure has a very nice blend of nutrients, and makes wonderful manure tea.

Rabbit manure tea has many of the benefits of other manure teas, but with an added advantage. It is a colder tea, and will not readily burn the plant. If you have a source of rabbit manure, than you have the key ingredient for a great manure tea. Some say that rabbit manure, because of its slow release nitrogen, can be used without first aging it. Just be cautious about pathogens.

Compost tea is a great fertilizer for plants, and a great way to help restore health back to your soil. Once you learn how to make compost tea, you can use it to help you grow nutrient dense foods, foods that may then become your medicine.

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