Juicing for Weight Loss
Plus a Low Carb Diet

Why does juicing for weight loss combined with a low carb diet work so well? Because if your body doesn't have carbs to burn as energy, it will burn fat, and that is what weight loss is all about!

A low carb juicing diet supplies your body with a rich supply of nutrients and all important trace minerals, plus helps it to detox. For even faster weight loss, Include these ingredients in your juice. You lose weight, plus you not only feel healthier, you are healthier. Does it do anything to help with feeling hungry? Yes! Since your body has the nutrients it needs, you have less cravings.

Reduce Carbs to Lose Weight

I have cut way back on breads, rice, pasta, potatoes and sugar to force my body to unlock its stored fat energy. This is why juicing for weight loss combined with a low carb diet works when many others don't. We are not short-changing our bodies of nutrition, just energy. To get that energy, our bodies burn fat!

A person can choose to drastically cut carbs and lose weight faster, or just to reduce carbs for slower weight loss.

Once you reach your desired weight, it is so easy to shift into a maintenance diet by simply adding in the carbs that are needed to maintain that weight.

Some Carbs are Worse than Others

Certain carbs are loaded with nutrients, others have very few. Carbohydrates without nutrition are basically empty calories. So what's the point? Certainly not more flavor. I think these nutritious carbs taste better.

That's why, as much as possible, I substitute sweet potatoes for white potatoes, brown rice in place of white rice, brown bread made from freshly milled wheat instead of white bread (no white bread tastes as good as this homemade bread), and replace white sugar with raw sugar.

The white varieties of these foods are loaded with carbs, but don't contribute many nutrients, while the brown varieties are loaded with nutrients. In fact, it has been said that sweet potatoes are an almost perfect vegetable. Add in some walnuts, and you have a nutritional package complete enough to live on. That's why I have a large place in my garden for sweet potatoes. How much better to eat sweet potatoes in place of white potatoes when you are juicing for weight loss.

digging sweet potatoes

Burning Fat Releases Toxins

The one drawback of burning fat on any diet is that many times the fat we are trying to get rid of is filled with toxins. When the body becomes frustrated in its attempts to expel toxins, it stores them in fat tissue to keep the toxins from harming the body. So as you burn the fat, you release the toxins. It is therefore important to make sure that your body's elimination systems are functioning well. Juicing for weight loss helps to facilitate elimination of toxins.

Toxins are one of the reasons why it is preferable to lose weight gradually. By including detoxing veggies, like dark greens, in your vegetable juice, they will help to latch onto these toxins and carry them away.

Using Sea Minerals to Help with Regularity

One of the best ways I know to keep your bowels functioning normally is to take a teaspoon of Ionic Sea Minerals each day. I do, and just like clock work, each day I have a soft bowel movement.

juicing for weight loss, juicing machine, juicing recipe, juicing ingredients

In concentrated form, the minerals don't taste good, but the taste can be masked with grape juice, lemonade or chocolate milk. I personally mix a total of a teaspoon of sea minerals into my two or three 7 ounce servings of juice each day, and hardly know the minerals are there. In fact, when 1/2 teaspoon of sea minerals are added to a quart of vegetable juice, it seriously improves the flavor of the juice, making it sweeter and more mellow.

juicing for weight loss, ionic sea minerals

Sea Minerals Boost Nutrition

Not only do the sea minerals help with regularity, they also provide a complete spectrum of trace minerals. The majority of people I have spoken with who have tried them say that within a week they see an increase in endurance, or in energy levels. Probably one reason for this is that Ionic Sea Minerals give the body over 100% of the US RDA of magnesium. Magnesium has many benefits, one of which is that it helps the body to collect and carry oxygen.

Gradual Weight Loss Works Best

Gradually losing weight by juicing and cutting back on carbohydrates is such a great way to lose weight. The juice helps you to feel satisfied when you drink an 8 oz. glass before each meal (I thin mine down with water), and it gives you the nutrients and detox mechanism you need for losing weight.

For me, the weight came off at around 1/2 pound a week. It wasn't fast, but it was steady. Five pounds every 10 weeks of permanent weight loss works for me. Give it a try, and see why low carb diets are gaining such popularity. It is because they work! And juicing for weight loss makes them work so much better!

Juicing for weight loss is always better when the vegetables that you are juicing were grown through Healthy-Vegetable-Gardening. Having your own garden is the best way to juice the freshest vegetables, vegetables that are rich in biophotons. When you grow your own vegetables for your juicing for weight loss, it can make a substantial difference in your health. I hope you will seriously consider a low carb diet together with juicing for weight loss to help you lose weight and improve your health.

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Juicing for Weight Loss

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