About Me
Jodie Munshaw

Hi. My name is Jodie Munshaw.

I am a Certified Landscape Designer.

I live and garden in Central Ontario.

Growing up the daughter of a horticulturalist, I was very interested in plants and dirt at a young age.

Since I was keen on gardening, flowers and getting dirty, there are many photos of me from a tender age in the garden.

My educational focus from the early years was on the sciences.

I completed a three year diploma in Landscape Design as well as a diploma in Floral Design.

I have taught courses to landscape design students at a number of colleges in Southern Ontario.

I continues to tinker in my own garden, trying hard to outsmart the wildlife - not easy to do!

Here is a link to my first article on the Healthy Vegetable-Gardening website:

Growing Squash

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I appreciate your input.

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