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I would like to give you a little information about me. My name is Paul Schneider Jr. I grew up in southwest Nebraska. My father is an animal nutritionist, helping farmers to raise healthy livestock.

He found that a better approach to animal health is for farmers to grow more nutritious food to feed their livestock. I have learned that this is true for people as well. If we are to be healthier, we need to eat more nutritious foods, foods containing a complete spectrum of trace minerals. This is why the focus of this website is healthy vegetable gardening.

Missionaries to Ghana 

My parents are strong Christians, and when I was five I chose to give my heart to Jesus Christ. When I was 11 at Bible Camp I responded to God’s word and offered my body to Him as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1,2). I found that allowing God to direct my life is far superior to my directing it myself. When I was sixteen the Lord called me to be a missionary.

After finishing high school in 1975, I moved to Grand Rapids, MI to take a 6 year course in Missionary Aviation at Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music. In the fifth year of school, I married my wife Diane, and the Lord has given us three wonderful children. Shortly after graduating, we applied with Baptist Mid-Missions, raised support, and headed off to Ghana, West Africa.

We were missionaries to Ghana for 18 years. I worked as a missionary pilot, taught in the Bible Institute, mentored pastors, and started churches. My wife is a nurse. She treated the sick, and home schooled our children.

It was our intent to serve in Ghana the rest of our lives. However, God had another plan for us. In 1999, circumstances forced us to leave Baptist Mid-Missions. The Lord moved us to a town south of Atlanta, Georgia, where we now live.

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Pursuing Wellness

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As we looked for ways to serve God here, the Lord started showing me, a little at a time, keys for enjoying maximum wellness. These have been a blessing to my wife and I. Things like:

  • Juicing
  • Drinking raw milk
  • Eating coconut oil
  • Cutting down on carbs
  • Cutting out soft drinks
  • Cooking with coconut oil
  • Choking down Sea Minerals
  • Taking Krill Oil and Chlorella
  • Growing a nutrient dense garden
  • Milling our own wheat and baking it
  • Drinking water loaded with biophotons etc. etc.

Much of what I have learned has to do with growing nutrient dense, healing foods, filled with the trace minerals our bodies so desperately need. I have put this into practice in our own backyard garden, and share information with others in our local gardening club.

I have shared some of the above insights with friends, and they have encouraged me to find a way to go public with what I have learned. But what is the best way to do that? How about on a website about Healthy Vegetable GardeningShow people how to grow life-giving foods, plus a few other keys for healthy living.

Master gardener Mike Cunningham has agreed to write articles for this website. Together, we share the desire to see people eating healthy, garden fresh produce. My daughter Sarah has also written an article for this site.

On my Healthy Vegetable Gardening site, my primary focus is to help people to grow nutrient dense food that can actually help in restoring health to their bodies. I love to do research, and have tried to find the best ways to grow a healthy garden. I share these with you, including where I buy my seed, and which products I use in my garden. I believe that the most important of these products is the concentrated sea minerals. Getting the full buffet of trace minerals into our food can be very powerful in overcoming disease.

I was so impressed when I learned of all the health benefits of ocean trace minerals that I became a dealer, and have since become the distributor for all the USA, with numerous dealers working under me around the country. My wife and I have taken the sea minerals daily since 2006, and now -


I also use the sea minerals in our garden, since trace minerals can have such a hugh impact on health. I have made it my personal mission to help America and the world experience the benefits of eating nutrient dense food grown with sea minerals.

Things besides gardening on my website

In my website I share insights about juicing what you grow in your garden, since juicing can be a powerful weapon against cancer. I also share insights on how to reverse type 2 diabetes through a low carb diet and a once a week exercise routine. The two of these together should help most type 2 diabetics to reverse their insulin resistance which is behind type 2 diabetes.

I share about increasing the biophotons in your body as a means to greater health. There are many other nuggets on this site that I hope will be helpful to you as well.

Helping HIV positive children

Finally, as part of my campaign to help people become healthier, the Lord has given us a nutritional supplement especially for those living with HIV, and led me to start our own mission agency, AidtheChildren, to get this treatment out to children in Africa and elsewhere who so desperately need it. God brought us home from Ghana, only to send us back out to the world. What a wonderful, wise Father.

It is my desire to see you healthy, and blessed of God. He knows you, loves you, and wants you blessed and healthy, more than you can know. After all, He created you. He offers to teach each one of us His ways of life, so that we might escape the bondage of sin, and live life more abundantly.

Jesus said, "Come to Me, all you who are weary and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn of Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light." If you like, you can come to God right now with that prayer. Tell Him that you are weary and heavy laden, and ask Him to give you rest for your soul. If you pray this from your heart, He will answer!

May God bless you with an abundant life.
Paul Schneider Jr.

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