A Higher Brix Level
is Worth the Effort

Testing the brix level of fruits and vegetables will give you a good idea of their quality, including not just sugars but critical minerals and trace minerals.

Once you learn how to do a brix test, then compare your results with a brix chart. The brix chart will tell you if the brix level you came up with is in the poor, average, good, or excellent range.

Definition of Brix Level

The brix level is the percentage of solids present in the juice of a plant. These solids are mostly made up of sugar and minerals. Just squeeze the item till you get a drop of juice, then use a Refractometer to test it’s brix level.

The Importance of Higher Brix

Higher brix means healthier plants

High brix is an indication that the plant has been grown in a healthy soil, with sufficient nutrients and water. A healthier plant is not as likely to be attacked by insects or disease.

brix level, Refractometer, brix testing

Higher brix means more flavor

When shopping for fruits and vegetables, a higher brix level means better flavor. This is especially true when a good percentage of the brix is made up of minerals.

If you have your own garden, a concentrated sea minerals product can help increase the amount of trace minerals in the sap, and take the flavor of what you grow to a whole new level.

This is one of my favorite parts about gardening. Our tomatoes are deep red and have a wonderful tomato taste, unlike those we find on our salads when we go out to eat.

Higher brix means better nutrition

Since every vitamin keys on a specific mineral, higher mineral content usually means an increase in vitamin content as well.

A two year study was done in Montana on wheat. For both years, the crops that were fed with a trace mineral fertilizer had a higher vitamin content. In fact, the 5 vitamins tested increased between 11 and 34 percent. If you want to grow a more nutritious garden, consider feeding your plants with trace minerals.

brix level, wheat

Higher brix means longer shelf life

Increasing the brix can double or triple shelf life, keeping produce from rotting. This can be huge. Who likes eating wilted, rotten food, anyway?

You don’t have to wait till you have fruit to test the brix level in your garden. One of the best ways to test the brix is to test a few leaves Just put them in a garlic press, squeeze to get a drop of juice, then test it with a Refractometer.

How to Raise the Brix Level of Your Garden

Brix level is directly linked to the health of the soil

brix level, good soil

It is important to balance the pH of the soil, and balance the calcium and other nutrients, too. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Healthy soil is soil that is teaming with microbial life.

A good soil conditioner can help to heal the soil by getting rid of salts and toxins, and increasing the microbial activity of the soil.

Notice in the picture above how the soil on the left is so much darker and richer after a year of improvement.

Brix level can be raised by increasing carbon in the soil

I would like to share with you an advanced way to increase carbon in the soil.

The way that God designed nature was that plants would synergize with microbes in the soil. Here is how it works:

  • Plants manufacture and secrete large amounts of sugars down into the soil through the roots to feed the microbes in the soil.
  • The microbes feed on these sugars, and convert unavailable nutrients in the soil into available nutrients.
  • Aerobic microbes also use the sugars as glues to structure the soil, making a nice living environment for themselves.
  • These air spaces in the soil mean that the soil is flocculated - air circulates down into the soil, and nitrogen fixing bacteria in the soil pull nitrogen from the air and hold it in the soil.

There is a product that triggers the plant to release copious amounts of sugars through the roots. The result is a balanced soil that lacks no nutrients that are needed by the plant. Click here to listen to individuals tell of their experience.

The result of this product in the soil is an increase in brix.

Raise brix by feeding trace minerals to your garden

The percentage of minerals in ocean water is almost identical to the percentage of minerals found in plant sap (with the exception that plants have a higher percentage of magnesium).

higher brix, ocean scene, sea salt, ocean minerals, sea minerals

The great news is that MycorrPlus not only contains fish, kelp, humic and fulvic acids, but it also contains concentrated sea minerals. Each of these products contain the trace minerals found in the ocean. It is a well-balanced source of nutrients.

Not only do trace minerals increase the nutrition in what you grow, but people who use sea minerals like to brag about how much better their garden produce tastes.

Highly structured water raises brix

higher brix, biophoton, Hexahedron 999, biophoton water

Watering your garden with highly structured water can raise the brix substantially. To structure water, you need to run it through a device like a Water Structuring Machine, which uses vortexes to highly structure the water. Highly structuring water greatly increases the number of biophotons.

Proof that Structured Water Raises Brix

higher brix, strawberries, sweet strawberry

A controlled brix test was done using STRUCTURED WATER to grow both strawberries and corn silage.

On plants watered using a water structuring device, the brix went up 25% on both crops, as compared to the control.

higher brix, corn cob, corn silage, ears of corn

On the Strawberries, yields increased by 10%. For the corn silage, yields increased by 6%, plus relative feed value went up almost $100 worth per acre.

For your garden, this means a nice increase in nutrition.


The brix level can tell you if your garden is healthy.

Raising brix in wheat grass

Two tests were done on wheat grass (scroll down to point 6 for pictures) to compare growing wheat grass with regular water versus structured water, and to compare growing with regular water versus water containing Ocean Trace.

Unfortunately, the test wasn't done growing combining Ocean Trace with structured water. But from other tests that have been done, I know that this wheat grass will be wonderful, both in growth and nutrition.

Wheat grass instructions

  1. Mix 5 tsp. into a gallon of water.
  2. Pour the water through a portable water structuring machine
  3. Put this water in a spray bottle, and water the wheat grass morning and evening

When watering time comes, if the tray feels a little heavy when it is time to water, don't water quite as much.

For a free ebook with a wealth of information on brixing, click here.

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