GroPal, Gerry Amena's
Sea Minerals Fertilizer

I first learned of GroPal from the March, 2006 issue of AcresUSA magazine, in an interview done by Charles Walters with Gerry Amena. Gerry told of some amazing stories about his concentrated sea minerals. Sea minerals are an invaluable source of organic trace minerals.

One day I was able to reach Gerry on the phone, signed up to be a dealer, and later he made me the USA national distributor. With Nick’s permission (Nick was Gerry’s partner), I private labeled GroPal under the name Ocean Trace. I wanted a name that was more descriptive of the product. I also sell it as MycorrPlus.

I called and talked often with Gerry, and he gave me more reports of the results he had seen with GroPal and Amena’s sea minerals supplement Pure Aussie (which I named Ionic Sea Minerals). I carefully wrote down what he said. I couldn't wait to see these results myself.

To tell the truth, in many cases I haven’t seen the same results that Gerry shared with me. Yes, I have gotten positive feedback, just not to the extent as I heard from Gerry. I also use different application rates than Gerry’s to keep from getting leaf burn.

Gerry was a sea mineral expert, and I learned a lot from him. I have included below some of the things he shared with me. Once again, these aren't my claims. I am simply sharing what Gerry shared with me, since there are valuable nuggets of information in what he said.

GroPal Applied to Trees

Pistachios.  Find this picture on Wikimedia

Pistachio and almond trees. When there is no disease, apply 3 to 4 gallons per acre of concentrate, mixed 20 to 1 with water. If the tree is diseased, mix at 10 to 1.

Sea minerals are available and start working immediately. This application results in larger, better tasting nuts, and less health problems.

Cherries. They are bigger, and taste better. GroPal makes cherries so sweet they taste like chocolate.

Macadamia nuts. Nuts are about 1/3rd bigger in size, and have a fantastic flavor.

Apple trees. Apply 1 to 2 gallons, diluted with water around the roots before flower. Even 10 gallons of concentrate per acre with water isn't too much.

An apple tree ripe for the picking.  Find this picture on Wikimedia

Then apply 1 gallon of concentrate on the leaves every 2 to 4 weeks. Thin this down 10 to 1 if the tree is diseased, 20 to 1 if there is no disease. For one grower, his apples were so heavy that he had to trim the tree back or risk breaking branches.

Then, apply a fall application of 1 to 2 gallons per acre. Two year old trees take less than older trees.

Citrus trees. Dilute 10 to 1, and apply a mist spray once a year to the leaves. This takes out fungus when put out at 5 gallons per acre. Or dilute 50 to 1, and spray 25 gallons per acre.

Lemons were sweeter.  Find this picture at Wikimedia.

Lemon trees. Applied half a gallon of concentrate per acre, resulting in double sized fruit that were as sweet as a ripe peach.

Grubs. There were 200 peach trees that for 3 years were filled with grubs. The farmer sprayed one time. He ran out before spraying the last 10 trees. Those trees had no fruit and were hit with grubs. All the rest of the trees had no grubs, except on top of the trees where the spray missed.

Small trees with fungus. Dilute GroPal 10 to 1, and just mist it on, not enough to make it run off. Apply 1 to 2 gallons per acre of concentrate.

For big trees, dilute it 10 to 1 and just dampen the leaves with a very fine spray. Apply 3 to 4 gallons per acre. The fruit gets much larger, and is very sweet.

Delicious blueberries!   Picture from Wikimedia


Blackberries. Apply 1 to 2 quarts per acre every 2 to 4 weeks.Produces a huge crop, and a sweeter berry.

Strawberries. Most doubled in size, and the taste was beautiful.

Blueberries. I recommend 1 quart at bud break, and 1 quart at pollination.

Other Crops

Tomatoes and beans. Mix 20 to 1, apply a very light coating at half a gallon per acre. We don’t want much dripping off, or putting on too much. GroPal stimulates nitrogen producing bacteria. It keeps tomatoes from freezing. They can stand an extra 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. It keeps them from getting damaged.

Wheat. Apply a tenth to even 1 gallon per acre. Mix enough water so that it is a light spray. Wheat color becomes dark green. It increases protein levels, with a 20 percent increase in tonnage. Larger crops take more sea minerals than smaller crops.

Great yields on sweet corn.  Picture from Wikimedia.

Cotton: Heliosis bores into cotton bole and destroys it. Apply half a gallon of sea minerals diluted at 10 to 1. Put on just before the cotton buds open.

Sweet Corn. It normally grows about 4’ high, but where we applied half a gallon per acre, it grew to over 8’ high, and put on 4 ears instead of 1 or 2.

Organic Peanuts. We sprayed with sea minerals, there was no fungus. They had a high sucrose level, and the application kills thrips.

Potatoes. Sprayed 10 to 1 on potatoes before planting, it’s the best results I've ever seen.

Now, here are testimonials from GroPal users here in the USA.

GroPal and Animal Drinking Water

Sheep. Increases wool production by 25%. GroPal made the wool finer, with 2.5 more pounds of wool at sheering time.

Dairy cows produced more milk.  Wikimedia photo.

Dairy Cows. A 14 month test was done by the Australian government on 1,000 dairy cows. Each cow was given 1 Tablespoon of GroPal per day. Milk production increased by 15%, bacteria count in the milk dropped from 900 to around 600. The milk production of the calves that were conceived by parents that took the sea minerals was 30% higher.

Dairy Cows. When a farmer put sea minerals in the cow’s drinking water, it increased milk supply by 15% during the winter over a 6 month period. The bacterial count dropped from 600 to 400.

The manure was measured for protein, to see how much protein the cow couldn't utilize. They normally utilize 30-40%. Thirty two percent more protein was utilized by cows. Another result was shining coats, and udders that were unbelievable. In the 2,000 dairy cattle, it wiped out mastitis, and dropped food intake 20%.

When the cows started to calf, best calves they’d ever had. Milk production was up 36%, with no extra feed. The calves started taking 1 teaspoon per day.

Beef cattle. Feed lot cattle were given a tablespoon of sea minerals, their weight increased by 45%.

Manure was measured for protein. Initially, 70% protein was left in the manure, after the sea minerals were added, only 15% was still in the manure. Bacteria count was down from 900 to 500.

Means Of Application

Seed pre-treatment. Gerry said that when there is normally 75% germination, he is seeing 95% with the sea minerals. Dilute 20 or 30 to 1, then spray in the hopper, just to dampen.

Picture Info.

If GroPal is mixed too strong, the minerals might produce a burning effect. But he said I could experiment with this. Then put GroPal on 3 or 4 weeks after germination for plant growth. Finally, put on an application just as the head is starting to develop, as all the goodness goes into the grain.

Applying in the row. I haven't had anyone put GroPal in the row, but if you do it, it will help germination. Use 1/10th of a gallon per acre.

Foliar applications. Crops are rain fast in around 2 hours, since most of the minerals are in the leaf within 2 hours, depending on the crop.

Hydroponics. Use along with fertilizer. Growers used for 10 to 12 days. One man there used it 500 to 1. When he used just the sea minerals, it didn't work. You need to use it with fertilizer. Within 2 days, leaves were a darker green. Yields increased 10 to 15%, and the product was delicious. I don't like hydroponics. There are things you need from the soil.

Burning of leaves. Spraying in sunlight, in the middle of the day, promotes plant burning. However, late in the afternoon is ok. On vegetables, mix at 100 to 1. Soft leaves is also 100 to 1, like lettuce, and anything you eat the leaves from. If leaves are tougher and you don’t eat the leaves, spray 50 to 1. (for example, strawberries).

Use a mist spray with a mixture of 100 to 1, and lightly mist on the leaves. Even a light rain shower can burn leaves if it rains in the middle of the day. Water acts like a greenhouse on the leaves, like a magnifying glass.

Gerry on Fertilizer

Wheat grass, grown for wheat grass juice.  Wikimedia picture.

Earth fertilizers needed by plants. This includes Nitrogen, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium. Wheat grass in trays, 500 to 1, I circulate it around.

Calcium. calcium sulfate (Gypsum), calcium & magnesium carbonate (Dolomite). Ordinary lime are very good for the soil.

Nitrogen. In spray form it causes cancer in people. Rain brings nitrogen from air, that is why plants grow so well after a rain. When we use just minerals, we will have more nitrogen in time. I never use nitrogen in any form.

Producing GroPal

We use 20 to 100 acre ponds for sea water. The water stays 70 degrees, even when 105 degrees out, because of evaporation. It rains mostly in January/February. They don’t protect ponds from rain, since it evaporates right back off. The ponds are in a dry, warm climate, and evaporation is amazingly fast on a hot, dry day.

MycorrPlus Is How We Now Market GroPal

AG-USA has combined GroPal with Soil Balance, which is a product that helps to transform the soil. MycorrPlus takes GroPal to a whole new level! We have both MycorrPlus-A and MycorrPlus-O for soil transformation; we also have MycorrPlus-F and OF for foliar applications. MycorrPlus-F and OF have superior absorption of the GroPal by the plant.

Click here to read some testimonials by my MycorrPlus customers.

To purchase MycorrPlus, click here 
(Mycorrplus takes GroPal to a whole new level!)

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