With these Health Benefits
of Juicing, You Will WANT
to Juice Every Day!

What are the health benefits of juicing? On this page we will look at how juicing items rich in trace minerals may help with the following:

........1. Detoxing of the body
........2. Helping with weight loss
........3. Building the immune system
........4. Helping to fight or prevent cancer
........5. Increasing daily intake of raw foods
........6. Helping bring healing for chronic ailments

1. Detox of the body

One of the health benefits of juicing is that it helps the body to detox, since raw vegetable juice is filled with antioxidants that bind to toxins and carry them away.

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Detoxification is helping our body to “take out the garbage”, to dispose of the junk from unhealthy food choices, the environment, and the waste products of our bodies.

If our bodies don’t detox, these chemicals, pesticides, drug residues, heavy metals, and food additives, along with by-products from digestion such as yeasts, fungus, and parasites, will clog up our digestive system and wreack havoc on our bodies.

Although some would recommend a one or two week juicing detox, my approach is to incorporate healthy juicing into one’s lifestyle.

After all, with all the toxins we experience in our modern day environment, we need something that will continually help our bodies to get rid of toxins.

2. Help with Weight Loss

One of the health benefits of juicing is that it helps with weight loss. How does it do this?

1. Juicing supplies many of the nutritional needs of the body, which helps curb cravings.

2. Another of the benefits of juicing is that when I consume 12 ounces of juice before a meal, it helps me fill up faster. I eat less, and yet fill FULL!

3. Because I consume 14 to 21 ounces of low calorie juice each day, I don't crave carbs like I used to. I take smaller portions, because I know that this is all I will feel like eating. This results in my losing around half a pound of weight a week. It has now been 10 weeks, and I am down 5 pounds. Sure it's slow, but it's steady, and much better than gaining weight!

3. Build the Immune System

Another of the health benefits of juicing is that juicing helps to build the immune system.

1. Juicing supplies the body with extreme nutrition, so that the body has the nutritional resources it needs for a stronger immune system.

2. Another of the juicing health benefits is that vegetable juice is loaded with antioxidants, which help to detox the body, unburdening the immune system for more important work.

4. Help to Fight or Prevent Cancer

Could one of the health benefits of juicing be that it helps to fight cancer? Yes! The Gerson Institution is one of numerous holistic organizations that use freshly juiced organic vegetable juice as one of their primary tools to fight cancer. Gerson's other main tool is the use of coffee enemas, which have proven a wonderful tool to detox the liver, and therefore the body.

Doesn't it make sense? Get rid of the toxins that caused the cancer in the first place, then give the body the nutrients it needs to fight back, and to rebuild healthy cells.

5. Increase Daily Intake of Raw Foods

Another of the health benefits of juicing is that it helps a person to greatly increase his/her intake of raw vegetable nutrition. For instance, it might take a half hour to eat all of the vegetables you get in a single glass of vegetable juice. The juicer has almost pre-digested it for you, which means you can inject more raw food than if you had to chew it. Now that's efficient!

Raw food is chocked full of enzymes

These enzymes are highly beneficial. Raw foods are easier for the body to digest because you haven't cooked and killed the enzymes they contain that help with digestion. When you eat a meal without raw foods, the body has to reach into it's enzyme reserve to meet the need. This is actually very taxing on the body.

Dr. Howell, in his book on enzyme nutrition, puts it quite clearly when he says that "a person's life span is directly related to the exhaustion of their enzyme potential. And the use of food enzymes decreases that rate of exhaustion, and thus, results in a longer, healthier, and more vital life."

Raw foods also contain many beneficial bacteria. The colon is colonized by literally hundreds of strains of bacteria, not just by the few strains found in Yogurt and Kefir. These bacteria help with digestion. Beneficial bacteria also help to keep harmful bacteria in check.

Raw food grown in your own garden can have extra benefits

Through healthy-vegetable-gardening, you can include nutrients like sea minerals to grow a more nutritious garden. There are wonderful health benefits from using sea minerals, and your juice can be filled with an even higher level of raw goodness!

6. Help Bring Healing for Chronic Ailments

Many have found healing

Healing from ailments such as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and many other conditions has come by juicing and making dietary changes.

The body was made to heal itself

When you provide it with the materials it needs for repair and rejuvenation, and remove irritating toxins that contribute to disease and illness, like those found in junk food and processed foods that fill most of our grocery store shelves, the healing process can begin. Therefore, to enjoy these benefits of juicing, make sure you add fresh juice and a healthy diet to whatever treatment plan your health care provider recommends.

Vegetable juice can supply intense nutrition to the body

When you juice for health, suddenly the many health benefits of juicing may just begin to show up. Benefits such as:

1. Your body begins to detox
2. You start shedding excess pounds
3. Your immune system gets stronger
4. Your body does a better job in fighting cancer
5. All the living enzymes and helpful bacteria present
    in raw foods bring an increase in energy
6. Juicing can help bring healing for chronic ailments

These benefits from juicing are pretty good reasons to add fresh vegetable juice to whatever treatment plan your health care provider recommends.

Start juicing, and watch as your body becomes more and more healthy!

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