Juicing benefits of 8 types
of juicing items

Trace minerals are the key to reaping the maximum benefits from what we juice. Below are 8 types of juicing items. Each item has its own special juicing benefits. In my lists of juicing items, each vegetable or fruit is color coded so you know which juicing item it is.

BITTER GREENS. It is believed that bitters support the heart, small intestines, kidneys and liver. The bitter taste stimulates the saliva glands and acid production in the stomach, and causes the pancreas to release enzymes into the small intestine, making bitter greens helpful for digestion.

DARK GREEN items are an excellent source of chlorophyll, and are used to make green juices. Many cancer survivors witness to the healing power of chlorophyll. It can also help to deactivate systemic yeast. Dark green leafy vegetables are among the most concentrated source of nutrition of any food, yet have the least amount of calories.

FRUIT items can be packed with many nutrients, but except for citrus, tend to have more sugars, and therefore more calories.

HERBS have many juicing benefits. Herbal medicines have been around of thousands of years, and are used extensively in many countries around the world. Because herbs tend to be potent, you only have to juice a small quantity to reap their benefits.

MINT items generally have a strong, inviting flavor, plus can possess numerous health benefits, including helping to calm down the stomach, and might help to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome. They contain phyto-nutrients, and may help with asthma and allergies.

SPICE. Known for imparting strong flavors to food, spices also have health benefits. Some may help to reduce inflammation, some contain helpful antioxidants, and some may help to balance blood sugar. Some spices may help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

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VEGETABLES are the main ingredient in vegetable juice. You can get more juice per dollar, plus they have many juicing benefits as well.

WILD GREENS are usually looked upon as weeds, and might be growing in your back yard, but these are edible and can be quite beneficial.

Just be careful that you have the right plant when you harvest weeds for juicing from your back yard, as some plants that look like the weed you want might be poisonous.

I have listed over 120 items that are good for juicing, including the juicing benefits of each. For each of these 120 items, I include which of the above categories each item for juicing falls under.

As much as is possible, try to juice items that you grow in your own garden. They are fresher, and you can load them with good organic nutrients.

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