Juicing Recipes For Weight Loss


A good approach to juicing recipes for weight loss is to identify which core items, as listed below, you enjoy in your juice.

Next, since most vegetables are beneficial for weight loss, experiment with various other of the many juicing ingredients, to see which best fit your personal taste and health needs.

Whichever items you select, for the most powerful juice find items rich in trace minerals.

When developing your own juicing recipes for weight loss, here are some great ingredients to begin with.


Celery is a great vegetable to include in your juicing recipes for weight loss, since it is low in calories but contains a lot of water. Juice the leaves along with the stalk, as they are rich in chlorophyll.

Cabbage, like celery, is one of these vegetables that burns more calories to digest it than it contains.

It is great for cleansing the body, and is full of vitamins and minerals. It is one of the best sources of yttrium, a mineral vital for longevity.

For an audio presentation by Dr. Richard Olree about yttrium and much more, click here. Since cabbage has a strong taste, you may want to use it in moderation.

Cucumbers are used in many juicing recipes for weight loss. They have a very mild taste, so can be used to offset stronger flavors like cabbage. They also contain a lot of water, so they yield a good volume of juice.

Lettuce and dark greens are a good juicing choice for weight loss. Choose darker colored plants, such as arugula, butterhead, red leaf and spinach. Lettuce is another good source of vitamins and minerals.

Brussel Sprouts have only 38 calories a cup, but have a lot of potassium, folic acid and fiber.


Although fruit may be full of antioxidants, most non-citrus fruit is pretty high in fructose, a sugar that is easily converted to fat.

If you are juicing for weight loss, it is best to juice mostly vegetables.


If you have an under active thyroid and want to lose weight, juicing can help. Grapes, apples, parsley, watercress, celery, carrots, alfalfa and sprouts are especially helpful for losing weight if you have an under active thyroid.


When the body is having a hard time getting rid of toxins, it stores them in fat cells. As you burn fat, your body needs a good way to get rid of the toxins stored there.

Juicing Detox is a great way to get rid of these toxins.

Since fresh vegetable juice is alkaline, it also helps to reduce acidity in the body. The dark green vegetables are some of the best to use in detoxing.


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One of the problems I have experienced with juice fasting is that after I have deprived myself for weeks, I have a terrible compulsiveness to binge. It can take me a week or two to get over this. This is one of the problems with most diets. You lose weight, but then have a terrible compulsion to eat.

I believe that incorporating juicing into a weight loss lifestyle is the best way to go. I have been doing this for many months, and believe that it works better for losing weight.

The best part is, I don’t feel deprived, since I am still eating many foods I enjoy. Juicing just causes me to eat less of them! The lifestyle change I recommend is one of fewer carbs and sugars (like bread, cereal, chips, cakes, pies, and cookies), while eating more vegetables, fats and protein.

To learn why juicing can be so beneficial in losing weight,
click here.


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What is the best source of vegetables for juicing? Your own garden.

Since you are personally concerned with how nutritious your vegetables are, you are motivated to grow food that can also be your medicine.

I know of no better way to grow healing foods than to fertilize your garden with sea minerals.

I fertilize my garden with sea minerals, and not only are my plants healthier, but they are packed full of micronutrients.

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