I have always wanted to grow bigger corn, tomatoes, beans etc..Found out about Ocean Trace and decided to give it a try....Best corn I have ever grown...Very sweet and very large ears. Squash sweet tasting...tomatoes put on the vines better than before and were larger...My wife made a recent trip to Florida and her father said that my Tomatoes were sweeter and better than his...Several people have stated how good and sweet the Squash, Corn, Beans, Tomatoes were...One other thing...I saw very little insect damage..Did not have to spray for bugs...Other friends cannot believe I am still getting pretty Squash in late August and still very little insect problems...I am convinced that Ocean Trace Minerals have made a real difference...Two other things: all of my corn filled out even the nubbins and as of middle August my okra is about 7 ft tall...I thank God I was able to find out about Ocean Trace Minerals and am excited about growing abundant healthy produce in the future.....


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