Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

My Personal Experiences

I have learned how to lower blood sugar levels naturally. In the last 6 years I have experimented a lot, and learned a lot.

I have been able to significantly lower my blood sugar levels naturally without the use of drugs. I hope that you can do the same.

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Diagnosed with Type II Diabetes

In early 2007 I began experiencing some tiredness. I was also having excessive thirst and a very dry mouth. Urination was more frequent, my heart rate was rapid most of the time and I was feeling really miserable.

I went to the doctor and was quickly diagnosed as having Type II diabetes and hypertension.

My blood sugar was 315 and BP was 150/100.  I was given a pill to take twice a day to bring down the blood sugar and a daily dose of Lisinopril to control blood pressure.

An abrupt doctor's visit

This initial visit to the doctor was a quick and abrupt one.

There was no teaching done at the time or later. All I was instructed to do was take medication and decrease my portion sizes at meals.

Medication side effects

As the weeks went on, the medication did bring the numbers down, but I didn't like how I felt.

The blood sugar medication made me feel nauseous. I had swelling in the calf of my right leg that wouldn't go away. Plus I didn't feel all that great.

Stopping my medication

A few months later we lost our health insurance. I couldn't afford the prescription for the blood sugar medication and the doctor wouldn't give me more from their sample supply.

Besides this, I hated the side effects of the blood sugar medication he had me on. I decided to try to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

A change in diet is essential

Since making this decision, I have learned that Type II Diabetes is actually an insulin resistance disease.

Increasing insulin to lower blood sugar is really shooting yourself in the foot. It means the disease will continue to progress.

So finding ways to decrease blood sugar without increasing insulin is really the way to go. However, my journey over the past 6 years hasn't been all that successful, until just this year.

Understanding Type II Diabetes

An insulin resistant disease

Since the disease is an insulin resistant disease, every time a person eats sweets or overindulges on carbs it causes a spike in insulin levels.

Every time insulin levels spike, it makes the body a little less sensitive to insulin.

High insulin levels cause harm to the body. To protect itself from high insulin levels, the body has a defense mechanism. It lowers its sensitivity to insulin.

The problem is, the less sensitive to insulin we are, the more insulin it takes to control blood sugar.

Your body loses control

Insulin levels should stay below 5. Ten is high.

By the time a person starts feeling symptoms from high blood sugar, insulin levels can be 90 or higher, as the body does it's best to control blood sugar.

The amount of insulin a person's body can naturally produce is no longer able to bring down blood sugar. 

Initial Attempts at Natural Control

A low carb diet is important to lower blood sugar levels naturally. For me, changing my diet has been a gradual process. I started by cutting down on carbs, sweets and sodas. I tried over the counter helpers.

Cinnamon capsules helped some, but I found them difficult because of burping cinnamon all day, plus it gave me heartburn.

Magnesium can help to lower blood sugar. I have taken magnesium rich Ionic Sea Minerals for quite a number of years now.

My blood sugar usually ranged somewhere in the 300’s, but in times of indulgence it would go up into the low 400’s. This high level of blood sugar made me feel really sick.

Gymnema Sylestris

In May, 2008 we purchased some concentrated drops from Canada made from the herb Gymnema Sylestris.

These were much more effective than other herbs for blood sugar that I had tried.

In 2014 I ran out of the Gymnema Sylestris that I was getting from Canada, and they no longer produced it. As a substitution, I now use Botanic Choice Gymnema Sylvestre Herbal Supplement which I purchase online from Walgreens a few bottles at a time.

Weight Loss

Losing weight is critical

Since one of the functions of insulin is to store excess blood sugar as fat, it is very hard for a diabetic to lose weight, especially if they are on insulin, or on a drug that increases insulin levels.

Why losing weight is so hard

The point is, what doctors prescribe for diabetes are medications to increase insulin. Raising insulin levels is merely treating symptoms, and can only worsen resistance to insulin.

The few months before my diabetes was diagnosed I had been losing some weight.

When I told this to my doctor, she smirked, then said that I wouldn't be losing any more weight. She knew exactly what the extra insulin would do to my body – take my high blood sugar and turn it into fat. However, I am not on insulin or insulin increasing drugs, and I have lost some weight.

My weight loss

In the fall of 2008 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had major surgery. I lost 22 pounds at the time, which is a good thing to help one’s blood sugar numbers.

In March, 2010 our family went on the HCG diet. I lost 10 more pounds. My blood sugar numbers dropped down into the low to mid-200’s during the diet due to the strict food restrictions. We stayed on this diet for 3 weeks.

Experimenting with Natural Means

Natural blood sugar products

In 2011 I tried several other natural remedies, including Blood Sugar Formula, Blood Sugar Advantage, Advanced Blood Sugar Solution and Black Cumin to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

Of all of these, only the Blood Sugar Formula gave me any noticeable help. The ineffectiveness of the other formulas may partly be due to the fact that I was already taking an effective Gymnema Sylestris product.

In the beginning of 2013, I had eliminated most sodas and desserts from my diet, and was going easy on the carbs.

I was still taking the drops of Gymnema Sylestris and the Blood Sugar Formula. However, my blood sugar numbers were still in the high 200’s to 300’s.  I had to do more.

Slow carb diet

In February, 2013 we tried a slow carb diet. This brought my blood sugar numbers down consistently into the 200’s. I have more or less continued on this low carb diet up until now.

What is working for me

I am convinced that between the Blood Sugar Formula, the low carb diet and the Gymnema Sylestris drops, I am moving closer and closer to normal blood sugar levels, and away from chemical meds with their nasty side effects.

I will no doubt continue experimenting with new natural means to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

I would love it if my blood sugar never got above 150. At 175, the body starts dumping sugar into the urine.  As much as possible, I want to avoid this.

Who am I? For now, I don't want to reveal my identity. Perhaps later when my blood sugar is back to normal I won't mind so much.

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