Natural Help for Diabetes:
Leptin and Insulin Sensitivity

Are you looking for natural help for diabetes? In this article, I want to help you to understand why a low carb diet, especially one rich in trace minerals, works so well to help normalize blood sugar levels.

Choosing a Natural Approach

A few years ago, a close friend of mine was diagnosed with diabetes. Of course, her doctor immediately put her on medication to lower her blood sugar. The medication helped some, but within a couple of weeks the very unpleasant and unacceptable side effects of the meds started appearing.

My friend then chose to stop taking her medication, and I started helping her to look for natural help for diabetes to bring her blood sugar down to normal levels.

I believe her decision to go natural was a good decision, since, according to Dr. Mercola, the risks of treating diabetes with drugs are far worse than the disease.


It is widely accepted that exercise and diet are key in helping to control diabetes. A low carb diet combined with juicing and exercise can help a person to lose those dangerous extra pounds.

According to CNN: "People who carry excess weight, especially in their midsection, are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes because the fat in their tissues causes an imbalance of insulin in the body.

The condition is called insulin resistance.

If they can eliminate that fat by exercising and limiting carbohydrates and alcohol, then many can drop their glucose levels. And for some, they can drop them back into the normal range."

Addressing the Cause of Diabetes

The underlying problem of Type 2 diabetes is

  1. Leptin Insensitivity

  2. Insulin Resistance

Leptin Insensitivity

When you have eaten enough food, it is the job of leptin to give you a satisfied, full feeling. When your body becomes insensitive to Leptin, your body doesn't pick up on leptin's voice, saying that it has enough. Therefore you still feel hungry and want to eat more.

Feelings of hunger that were meant to be beneficial become your enemy.

Insulin Resistance

When the normal level of insulin that your body produces is no longer effective at regulating blood sugar, your body has to produce more and more insulin.

As it does, your body places greater and greater demands on the pancreas for this insulin.

In order to protect its tissue from these dangerous insulin levels, the body miraculously adjusts by becoming less sensitive to insulin. Now it takes even more insulin to regulate blood sugar.

When the pancreas can no longer keep up with the ever increasing demand for insulin, people wrongly assume that the pancreas is just under-producing.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, as evidenced by their fasting insulin levels, which are generally sky high. Instead of a normal level of under 5, many times they are 90 or more.

The problem isn't an insulin shortage, therefore the answer isn't to just take more insulin. This only leads to even more insulin resistance.

How to find out if
you are Insulin Resistant

The most accurate way to test for insulin resistance is to ask your doctor to do an inexpensive fasting blood insulin test. A level below 5 is acceptable, and below 3 is ideal.

Less accurate but perhaps more convenient, simply testing your fasting blood sugar can indicate insulin resistance. If your fasting glucose is under 100 mg/dl, you're probably not insulin resistant. A level between 100-125 could mean you're either mildly insulin resistant or that you might be pre-diabetic.

There is an Answer

Is there natural help for Diabetes (Type 2), so that insensitivities to Leptin and Insulin be reversed? Yes, there is!!! However, it does involve avoiding carbohydrates, especially sugars and grain products.

Picture Info.

The tragedy of diabetes is that many people only take it as seriously when they start to see dangerous symptoms. Their kidneys may begin to shut down, or they start to go blind.

This convinces them that it is time to start making needed lifestyle changes, and to look for natural help for diabetes.

But by then much irreversible damage may have already been done.


If diabetes patients are wise, they will take the disease seriously and start immediately to take the following four steps to lower their insulin resistance.

  1. Do strength training and shorter, high intensity exercises
  2. Cut out sugars (including sodas and fruit juice), breads and grains, white rice, white potatoes and alcohol
  3. Eat and juice vegetables
  4. Eat foods rich in protein and beneficial fats
  5. Consider supplements helpful for diabetics (click, then scroll to the bottom of the pg.)

Yes, these are huge adjustments. But diabetes is a serious disease. There are natural remedies to diabetes that could be helpful as well.

By taking advantage of the natural help for diabetes that is available, I believe that most type 2 diabetics may be able to lose weight, get totally off of blood sugar medications, and hopefully maintain a blood sugar that stays in the normal range, preferably below 140.

As you may have noticed, this is a gardening website. For those who have the opportunity, I highly recommend growing some of your own food. When you pick it your vegetables will be super fresh, and you can chock them full of nutrients by fertilizing with a good trace mineral fertilizer. This is just one more natural help for diabetes that is all about doing the right thing for your body.

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