Retired Farmer--Natural Health Practitioner

by Gene B
(Liberal, MO-USA)

When Paul told me about Ocean Trace, with some skepticism, I decided to try some. I sprayed some on my wife's flowers and shrubs without her knowledge (just in case). A few days later my wife made the comment that the flowers and shrubs were looking better than normal. I then confessed what I had done. She now makes sure that I keep the flowers and shrubs sprayed and also the garden plants. I have noticed that the insects and fungus do not bother the plants as quickly as it did before we used Ocean Trace. I am sure that the produce is much healthier for us since we now have a source of the micro-nutrients for our bodies. It was impressive to me when I learned that ocean water and blood have the same proportion of nutrients. Definitely try some. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


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